Adding That Perfect Statement Piece

A statement piece is meant to be just that….A Statement.  It can come in all shapes & sizes.  As I always say, “Be Brave!” If you find something you love, you can always make it work.  Let one piece stand out, anchor your room & simplify all the rest.  Let it be a conversation starter & reflect your personality. It should be something that people will remember you by!

Furniture - Determine where this element will live in your room. A large chair can float in a corner.  A sofa can sit between windows. A tall cabinet can sit on a blank wall. The statement of this piece can be the beauty of its details & not necessarily the fabric on it.  Off set it with balanced scaled accents, for instance, a cocktail table that’s too small against a large chair may feel disconnected to the rest of the room.  

Art - Colorful art will stand out against subtle colors & neutral upholstery.  Don’t be afraid to add a large scale piece of art on a small wall.  Fill the space!  Have high ceilings? Make the art soar to the top! Love painted walls? Sit a tall piece of art on the floor to balance off the solid color.  Pick up colors from the art & add like color flowers or pillows on a sofa.  Balance it with neutral colors on upholstery items.  

Lighting -  Make your lighting unique. Hang a contemporary fixture in a historic home.  Add bling to a quiet space!  Float pendants from the ceiling on each side of a sofa instead of using lamps.  A long island fixture looks fabulous over a dining room table.  Mix it up!  Start thinking out of the box!

Wallpaper - Contrary to what some may think, wallpaper has never gone out of style. There are so many styles available - handcrafted crushed stone, embossed with crystals & large pattern repeats all make  fabulous statements in a room or even in an office.  Add an accent wall behind a bed, in a staircase, in frames in a dining room, behind your desk or on a ceiling!  

At times you may find something you love and will wish it was everywhere!  Always remember that too much of a good thing quickly becomes monotonous and you will tire of it more quickly.  When you walk in the room, your statement piece should be the first object you should see.  Don’t be afraid to let it stand on its own!  Have fun, and Be Brave!