Market Moments in High Point - Spring 2019

Design events in Paris, Nashville & High Point rounded out the first part of this year.  All were very different. I find it’s so important for me to attend all these events because that’s my job.  It’s my job to stay up to date on the most current and cutting edge designs.

What is High Point?

Unlike Paris, there’s not much to see or do in High Point, it is ALL about product & networking. It is the largest home furnishings to the trade market in the world. It is full on, fast paced, immersion into this industry.  Everything is there - furniture, lighting, rugs, art. International designers were everywhere (Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley, Alexa Hampton, Suzanne Kasler). It is the place to be in the spring & fall.

The newest trends:

It’s all about warm neutral tones with some dusty color mixed in - dense, saturated tones of mossy greens, teals, and amber.   We are getting away from bright, bold color everywhere. There’s definitely an air of luxury without it being ostentatious

The biggest takeaway? Effects of the economy on this industry:

The strength of this economy was palpable.  The enthusiasm filled the air creating the busiest and most exhilarating High Point show in years.  Huge cutting edge showrooms were built showing the confidence of large corporations. Everyone I spoke to is busy.  Renovations & new construction are booming in all parts of the country.

A welcome surprise

I hear people say - I’ll go to NC to buy furniture, thinking they will save money. Without guidance and a strategic plan, I honestly don’t know how people get anything accomplished. It can be so overwhelming, you can be there for days and come back with nothing. Surprisingly, High Point Home Furnishings Market now is also changing..certain showrooms are allowing designers to take guests with them, which was never allowed in the past.  That opens up a whole new world for clients. You can touch & feel product. You can sit in a million sofas. You can choose fabrics & finishes on pieces you would never see elsewhere. You can design your own furniture. With my guidance, the possibilities are endless

First time offer

Because of this, I am offering to a small group - clients, students, design enthusiasts - a tour with me to the October market 18-21st.  I will curate an individual plan based on your needs, provide access to trade showrooms & map out who to see, what to do, seminars to take. It will be a fabulous & fun experience! Email me as soon as possible to secure your space.

Next up for me?

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