Customer Testimonials

"I loved every minute working with Robin. I have a brand new 6000+ sf home on the water, have no clue about decorating, and I have my "ideas" about what I want. (I am probably a decorator's nightmare.) She helped me see when my thoughts just wouldn't work and worked them in when they did.  Most of all she made it fun for me. My home looks fabulous and I love living in the space. Thank you so much Robin!!!"

- Melissa P.


"I'm working with Robin Garceau in an ongoing capacity. We started with getting the basic color scheme and floor plan set-up in my living room. Robin came in and gave me a much different, much BETTER vision of the space! This room is going to be the focal point of my home, so every detail is very important. The first area rug Robin recommended was absolutely perfect for the room. She nailed it! The colors nicely compliment my paint colors. Additionally, we added a custom window treatment that has great functionality and does a fantastic job of blocking the natural light. I'm going to be putting in a home theatre, so Robin made sure to take that into consideration when walking me through different options. I will continue to work with Robin on my own home and will happily recommend her to anyone in need of her amazing services!"

- Mark L.


"Robin has been decorating my house, both large and small projects, for the past five years and I couldn't be happier with her efforts. My latest project was to update a den/study with a modest budget. Robin selected a beautiful blue paint for the walls, and chose fabrics to recover a chair, ottoman and decorative pillows for the sofa. The fabrics were stunning and a beautiful, updated, relaxing oasis was the end result. Robin is a very talented professional and a pleasure to work with....she has a winning personality, listens carefully, and is most generous with her time."

-judbat (Testimonial from


"We hired Robin when we were planning a kitchen expansion with the addition of a sunroom. She was extremely valuable from the initial design and layout to the selection of cabinets, counters, tile, etc. Of course her color palette and choice of fabrics/furnishings were absolutely stunning!! Robin has a vision and an eye for detail; she is very organized and works within the confines of your budget/tastes. She even went shopping with us to select fixtures!!! Her expertise is invaluable and I can't wait to redo other rooms in my house so I can work with her again!! I would not hesitate to recommend her to others."

- drspierce (testimonial from


"I have worked with Robin over the past 12 years. Not only did Robin decorate my home, but she also designed my 6 room, 2000 sq ft. office area. She successfully transitioned from residential to commercial with keeping in our budget. Robin has a savvy ability to find the latest and the greatest! There is no one else I would trust."

- Paula M.


"Working with Robin was a pleasure. In the past I have always decorated myself, considering myself to have good taste, but working with Robin gave me a different outlook. She made me realize that a professional eye can offer design options and layout I had never been able to achieve. Decorating a room can be very overwhelming and she helped guide me through the process. She was attentive to my needs, budget and put my mind at ease. Her taste is impeccable. Robin is up on all the latest trends and showed me new and exciting options . She helped me design a room that fit our lifestyle. I love the room and feel so comfortable. We are now moving to another home that needs lots of decorating help and we are already working together."

- dvolmon (testimonial from


We have known Robin for several years now and have gone through a major renovation as well as several small remodeling projects. She has always been there to give us expert advice and to guide us. She learns what our tastes our and works within those parameters but is also not afraid to present new and different things as well. As well as becoming our friend she has helped make our house a home.

- src728 (Testimonial from


"Robin's interior design projects say "WOW". Her vision and attention to detail is amazing. Her ability to transform a space is unmatched. Whether working with a sophisticated elegant space or a casual space, Robin has the ability to bring the space alive in a tasteful manner. I have worked together with Robin on several projects, she is a great listener, provides personalized attention and is wonderful to work with on every aspect of the project."

- Susan P.


"Working with Robin was a complete delight. Her knowledge and design inspiration were exactly what I needed when it came to decorating my dining room. Beautiful work, professionally done."

- dclady (Testimonial from


“Robin is terrific, an amazing designer. I've used her services on 4 separate projects, the last being my beach house and each time she exceeded my expectations.

I met Robin when I was working for a seller who wanted to turn 54 apartments into condo's in 2006. She picked out the kitchen cabinets,appliances,vanities and the paint color. When I needed a model condo, she dressed it and wowed every buyer who walked through the door. I then hired her for my home, I was getting ready to sell. From breaking through a wall in my kitchen to make an open floor plan, to the perfect windows treatments, the house sold to the second buyer who walked in. In 2009 I bought a colonial, I new I'd only be in the house for 2yrs. or so, it was mainly an investment. Robin created a show place out of an ordinary colonial, window treatment, granite and what a genius when it comes to paint color, it also sold quickly. In 2011 I was building my beach house and Robin found a flaw in one of my bathrooms before we started construction, she then picked out my granite,the light fixtures, the stone around my fireplace and not to forget the lovely paint on the walls. I remember giving her a hard time about a color, it's now one of my favorites. Also she wanted to put two chandeliers over my island and I said "no that will be too much" I'm glad I listened to her, I get more compliments on them.... I highly recommend her...Don't hesitate for a moment.”

- Linda B.